Sunset’s columbaria reflect today’s changing times and
tomorrow’s lasting traditions.

As more and more people opt for cremation rather than traditional burials, columbaria provide a formal, permanent final resting place where family and friends can visit.

Most columbaria (also known as mausoleums) contain niches which hold urns or other vessels containing cremated remainsand other personal items. Sunset Stone has developed a highly secure locking inner door to ensure the sanctity of niches. Doors are then covered with a granite faceplate, which can be engraved or finished with a bronze plaque, similar to a traditional headstone.

With their smaller footprints, lower costs and minimal environmental impact, columbaria are increasing sought by families and cemetery operators alike.

Sunset is a leader in the design and construction of columbaria, providing structures that can hold 12 to several hundred niches.


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